Welcome HSDc

HSDc (High-quality Software Design Center) is a software design consultant company in Taiwan. The core competence is to provide software design knowledge, practical education training program for specific customers, professional services in software design consultant and implement the products including UML modeling tool, project management tools and integration development tools.
Our Mission
  • Help software developers to enhance their software design skill.

    Our Objection

  • Keep Software Soft.

    Our Vision

  • Become a professional software design center in Asia-Pacific Area.
  • Become a top software design consultant company like McKinsey.

    Our Services

  • Product Solution
      -HSDc Sequence Plugin: Sequence Generator Tool
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      -Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect
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      -HSDc Workflow Engine Open...
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  • Consultant Services
      -Essential Mode
      -Advising Mode
  • Education Training Program
  • Project Solution
      -Essential Project
      -Topical Project
      -Advising Project
      -Implementation Project

    Contact Us
    Email: service@hsdc.com.tw

  • Source Code Diagnostic X-Ray Machine
    HSDc Sequence Plugin:

    Sale Price:US $99

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    Case Study for Enterprise Architect
    1.Tung Ho Steel Enterprise Corporation, THS

    2.Industrial Technology Research Institute, ITRI