HSDc Sequence Plugin

Brief Introduction
HSDc Sequence Plugin is our first initiated product since 2011. As an experienced UML consultation company, in order to guarantee the quality level of source codes, we recognized:

  • Developers can spend less time on drawing diagrams to confirm their thinking and put more time in writing efficiency programs;
  • Managers need to get high quality and completed checked codes;
  • Reviewers/Architects can do “code review” by getting sequence diagrams with the same situation of source codes to review code quality.
  • Project team may use this product to generate Sequence Diagram at ANYTIME.

    Therefore, we create HSDc Sequence Plugin Enterprise Architect by Sparx Systems to handle source codes' situation.

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    Product Features
    Features of HSDc HSDc Sequence Plugin Enterprise Architect

    1.Generate sequence diagrams anytime from the original codes in the development duration, not limited in runtime mode.
    2.Parse any sequence diagrams to generate the corresponding source codes.
    3.Support parser Java, C#, VB .NET coding language.
    4.Parse source codes to generate sequence diagrams. Users can decide each source code's directory and level.
    5.Follow UML 2.3 specification.
    6.Parse the interaction operators of the source codes and generate results in sequence diagrams.
    7.UML tools, such as Enterprise Architect, are allowed to plug in.

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    Core Technology
    The core expertise in HSDc architect team is to design flexible logical class model. The core technology of the logical class model is designed PnP (plug and play) mode that HSDc Sequence Plugin is independence in the API of Enterprise Architect (EA) tool, programming language’s parser and .NET framework runtime itself. Therefore, if the API of EA, programming language’s parser and .NET framework runtime encounter any change, they can be changed or replaced in a very short time. Of course, the design concept also helps to integrate other enterprise architecture tool in the world easily. This helps developers to work more efficiently and response more quickly while integrating new system functions or building a high-customized system in the future.

    Contact Us
    Please feel free to download trail version for more details. If you have any feedback, please contact us via email: service@hsdc.com.tw. Welcome Taiwan. Thank you!

  • HSDc Sequence Plugin:
    Source Code Diagnostic X-Ray Machine
    Sale Price:US $99

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    Video Demo

    1.Installation Demo

    link to youtube directly: Demo

    2.Reverse Engineering
    Generate Sequence Diagram from Source Code

    link to youtube directly: Demo
    (Microsoft C# code)

    link to youtube directly: Demo
    (Microsoft VB .NET code)

    (Java code)

    2.Reverse Engineering
    Generate Source Code from Sequence Diagram
    (Microsoft C# code)

    (Microsoft VB .NET code)

    (Java code)

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