Sequence Plugin rc-1 Released 07-May-2010

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    HSDc is very pleased to announce the official release of Sequence Plugin RC1. After being UML consultants these years, we recognized the developer needs sequence diagram, but hope less time on drawing diagram and much time in writing efficiency program. The manager hopes to have high quality code and need to be check. The reviewer can get sequence diagram as the same situation of source code to review. This will help to guarantee the quality level of source code. Therefore, we create the sequence plug-in Enterprise Architect by Sparx Systems to reflect the source code situation.

    The features of HSDc Sequence Plugin are as follows:

    1. Generate sequence diagram anytime from the original code in the development duration, not limited in runtime mode.

    2. It also can parse any sequences diagram to generate the corresponding source code.

    3. It supports to parser Java, C#, VB .NET coding language.

    4. User can decide the source code directory and level. It can parse the source code to generate the sequence diagram.

    5. It follows the UML 2.1 specification.

    6. It also can parse the interaction operators of the source code and generate the result in sequence diagram.

    7. It can plug in UML tool, such as Enterprise Architect 7.x above by Sparx Systems.

    Our expertise is on the flexible logical class model design. Of course, we develop it with our core competence. Our logical class model is designed independent with the API of EA itself. Therefore, if the API of EA encounters change, it can be changed very quickly. This can support quickly response to assemble the new functions or higher customization in the future.

    You can download for trail in our website at or directly download here . If you have any feedback, you can also contact via email: Welcome Taiwan. Thank you.

    Created by HSDc Service Team on 2010/05/07.